Okuma Alarm-B 2231 EXPRESSION syntax incorrect

Okuma Alarm-B 2231 EXPRESSION syntax incorrect
Syntax error of expression


1->Calculation of subscript expression is intended within calculation of subscript expression.
2->No left bracket “[” at the beginning of the subscript expression
3->Three or more subscript expressions (four or more in the case of graphic system variable)
4->The number of the left bracket “[” and that of the right bracket do not match.
5->The number of operands and their handling elements do not match.
6->The sequence terminates within the expression.
7->There are more than one solution.
8->The mistake is found in the specification of the file name of CASCME,CASCTL instruction.
Subscript: [*] in such a variable as V***[*]

Probable Faulty Locations
1)Program sequence at which the alarm has occurred
2)Program error
Program Example:
Code 1->VTOFX[VMDT[1]]=4.5
Code 2->VTOFX[5]=4.5
Code 3->VTOFX[1,2,3]=4.5->In this case, alarm of code 5 occurs due to the relationship between the level and the number of operators.
Code 4->VTOFX[2]=4.5
Code 5->VTOFX[4]=4.5 (Mainly, code 5 is displayed when an alarm occurs.)
Code 6->Alarm of this code number does not occur. Since the end code is always specified at the end of the commands, processing is performed for the data preceding it. Thus the alarm code corresponding to such error to “5”.
Code 7->VTOFX[1,2]=4.5
Code 8->Characters other than alphanumeric character and “-” are included in the file name. Or the file name has exceeded 16 characters.Or device or extension code is specified. Please specify neither device nor extension code in CASCME and CASCTL instruction.

Measures to Take
Change the programmed commands in accordance with the code number.

Okuma Alarm-B 2231 EXPRESSION syntax incorrect