Okuma Alarm-B 2154 MCS Power supply unit error

Okuma Alarm-B 2154 MCS Power supply unit error
The power unit caused an error.

Axis name or none (spindle)


AAAAAA is always 0.
X Alarm number

0:DC voltage alarm
1:Abnormal input voltage
2:Abnormal control power
3:Abnormal control status
4:Overload in regenerative circuit
5:Heat sink overheat
6:CPU error

Y: Power unit status

bit3 1:An alarm occurred in the power unit. l

(Warning signa status: 0)

bit2 1:DC power is being supplied
bit1 1:OPRON input is closed
bit0 1:PWON input is closed.

ZZ: Data

X(alarm No.):0 … Detected DC voltage in hexadecimal [3.9V]
X(alarm No.):1 … Detected AC voltage in hexadecimal [3.1V]
X(alarm No.):2

1:+5V abnormal voltage
2:+12V abnormal voltage
3:-12V abnormal voltage

X(alarm No.):3

1:Converter over current
2:Abnormal power element
3:Converter short circut
4:Abnormal regenerative circuit(type in power regenerative circuit)
5:Abnormal regenerative circuit(type in resistor discharge)

X(alarm No.):4 Uncertain
X(alarm No.):5 Uncertain
X(alarm No.):6 Uncertain

Probable Faulty Locations
In the case of abnormal control power,
– Power unit
In the case of low voltage,
– Input voltage drop, power failure, blown fuse in input power circuit, or instantaneous power interruption
In the case of high voltage
– Power unit

Okuma Alarm-B 2154 MCS Power supply unit error