Okuma Alarm-A 1727 C-axis ON/OFF command not possible

Okuma Alarm-A 1727 C-axis ON/OFF command not possible
C-axis connect/disconnect command (M110, M109, M892, M891) is designated under illegal conditions.


1->The spindle is not at zero speed.
2->The spindle is not at a still.
3->The spindle rotation command is active.
4->C-axis is clamped.
5->C-axis is interlocked.
6->The connection command is given to C-axis under the control of the other turret.
7->The spindle is under synchronous control.
8->In extreme low speed rotation mode command is designated.
9->In Main spindle low speed acceleration mode command is designated.
10->While M-tool spindle is rotating
11->In HOB mode command is designed
12->The APC pallet was not clamped.
13->The APC fork was not in down position.
14->The C-axis connection command is executed, when tailstock index pin is not out condition.
15->C-axis connect/disconnect command was done in M-spindle extreme low speed rotation mode.
16->C-axis group number is non-decision, because the APC pallet number is zero or bigger than the number of the pallets.

Probable Faulty Locations
1)Faulty spindle zero speed input
2)Faulty EC input for C-axis connection
3)Connection signal on high-speed connection specification Slave station input CFJ should be “1”.
Program Example:
N100 M03
N101 M110
Operation Example:
M110 is designated during spindle rotation in MDI mode.

Measures to Take
Refer to the codes above. When there are no errors in a program or operations, check the related EC input signals.

Okuma Alarm-A 1727 C-axis ON/OFF command not possible