Okuma Alarm-A 1307 No contact with sensor

Okuma Alarm-A 1307 No contact with sensor
The sensor has not been brought into contact with the workpiece during execution of the G30 work gauging cycle.
The sensor failed to contact the workpiece surface when it was fed from the approach point to the imaginary target point. Or, the sensor touched a turret other than the one on which gauging operation is to be carried out.


1->During execution of the G30, the sensor of other-turret has touched.
2->In the G30-order, waiting-time of sensor-state
10->During execution of the G30 for diagonal direction, the sensor did not come in contact.
The under code is unusually occured.
10000->Sensor was touch. But NC has not get the skip-data.
20000->NC had not get skip-data of X-axis or Z-axis.

Probable Faulty Locations
Program error

Measures to Take
Check the target point for the work gauging cycle.
(Check whether the programmed target point and the actual workpiece position coincide each other.)
[Related Specification]
Gauging cycle specification

Okuma Alarm-A 1307 No contact with sensor