Okuma Alarm-A 1215 S.M command asynchronous

Okuma Alarm-A 1215 S.M command asynchronous
Under simultaneous four-axis control mode, S or M command provided with constant cutting speed code does not match between turret A and B for 2-saddle specification.

Character-string:Coordinate system for G140, G141, or G142

1->Mismatch of constant cutting speed codes (G96 and G97)
2->Mismatch of turret selection commands (G110 and G111)
3->Mismatch of S commands
4->Mismatch of spindle rotation commands (M03, M04 and M05)
5->Mismatch of spindle drive gear range commands (M40 through M44)
6->Mismatch of M00 and M01
7->Mismatch of M19 command
8->Mismatch of M110 and M109
9->M271, M272 instructions are different.
10->M371, M372 instructions are different.
11->M142, M143 instructions are different.

Probable Faulty Locations
Mismatching S and/or M code command in simultaneous four-axis cut program.
Program Example:

Turret A

N100 G00 X500 Z500
N101 M41 M03 S100 P10
^^^^ ^^^^^
Turret B

N200 G00 X500 Z500
N201 M42 M03 S500 P10
^^^^ ^^^^^

Measures to Take
Correct the program.
In the program above, change the commands in N201 sequence as indicated below:

N201 M41 M03 S100 P10

Always designate the same S and M code commands at both turrets.

Related Specifications
2S specification

Okuma Alarm-A 1215 S.M command asynchronous