Okuma Alarm-A 1136 MCS DD encoder error

Okuma Alarm-A 1136 MCS DD encoder error
The DD encoder has become undetectable.

Axis name or none (spindle)


XX = Positional data status

bit7 : Error bit (1:error)
bit6 : Absolute position sensor margin error.(0:Normal, 1:Warning)
bit5 : Gap-Warning (1:Gap-small,Toggle:Gap-big)
bit4 : Inclination-Warning (1:CCW-big, Toggle:CW-big)
bit3 : Auto set mode (0:Normal, 1:Auto mode)
bit2 : Communication error (Toggle by detecting)
bit1,0: Error bit number of absolute position code.(It is indicated by 2bits.)

YY = Alarm code

01: Stop command has stopped.
02: Control parameter error
04: Absolutization error
05: Initialization speed too high
08: Auto-set-data error
0D: Speed too high
0E: Synchronization error
20: Absolutization mismatch (Only Format-5)
21: Communication-error of Master-sensor (Only Format-5)
3E: Code-error by Absolute-position-sensor
3F: Check-errotr by Absolute-position-code
40: Inclination-error (for plus)
41: Inclination-error (for minus)
42: Gap is narrow
43: Gap is wide

ZZZZ = 0000 fixed
This alarm occurs only at ICB-H.

Probable Faulty Locations
DD encoder

Okuma Alarm-A 1136 MCS DD encoder error