Okuma Alarm-A 1104 DeviceNet slave idle mode

Okuma Alarm-A 1104 DeviceNet slave idle mode
DeviceNet slave station was in idle condition.


*:Channel number where the error occurred
$:Sequence counter

XX MacID of idle condition slave station
YY Error status of slave station XX

0x00:Normal or nonexistent slave station
0x46:Duplicate MacID error
0x48:Communication stop
0x49:Discrimination information was not compatible with scan list
0x4D:Data size not compatible with scan list
0x4E:No response in the connection check
0x4F:Other slave stations are nonexistence on network
0x50:Idle mode condition
0x53:Error received in the connection check
0x54:Timeout occurred in the connection check
0x56:Turn into idle mode
0x5B:Bus off
0x5C:Network power supply off

(XXYY become 0xFFFF,if its not caused by slave station, such as communication delay.)

ZZZZ:Scanner error status

bit0:Memory check error(when memory initialized)
bit1:Scan list initialize error
bit2:Scan list mismatch error(MacID)
bit3:Scan list mismatch error(Input data)
bit4:Scan list mismatch error(output data)
bit5:Duplicate MacID error
bit6:Network power supply status error
bit7:Memory parity error
bit8:Input data reception error(single)
bit9:Input data reception error(double)
bit10:Output data transmission error(single)
bit11:Output data transmission error(double)
bit12:Slave station communication delay error(single)
bit13:Slave station communication delay error(double)
bit14:Bus off
bit15:Diagnostic information access error

Probable Faulty Locations
1.Hardware failure
2.Software failure

Okuma Alarm-A 1104 DeviceNet slave idle mode