Sherline CNC System Components and Connections

Sherline CNC System Components and Connections.

System Components

Sherline CNC System Components

1) 1-5/8″ manual handwheel
2) Z-axis stepper motor
3) Stepper motor mount
4) Sherline vertical mill with standard accessories (Model 2000 mill shown)
5) Backup Linux/EMC2 installation CD, Sherline instructions CD
6) Y-axis stepper motor
7) X-axis stepper motor
8) Cable for optional A-axis (CNC rotary table) connection
9) Computer with keyboard, and mouse
10) On/Off switch for stepper motor power supply
11) USB drive ports (front)
12) CD-RW drive
13) DC spindle motor
14) Included USB Flash Drive
15) Power On/Off (Smaller button below is “Restart” button)


Sherline CNC Connections

Connections on back of your computer
1) Keyboard connection (purple)
2) Mouse connection (green)
3) AC power connection
4) Parallel printer port connection (from driver box)
5) Internet cable connection
6) Video (monitor) connection (blue)
7) On/Off switch for CNC driver power supply
8) Output cables to stepper motors for X-, Y-, Z-, and A-axes
9) Stepper motor driver power indicator light
10) 115/230V computer power supply voltage selection switch*
11) 115/230V driver board voltage selection switch (inside computer case)*
12) USB ports, rear panel (more on front panel)