Newbie CNC Machinists a Basic CNC Canned Cycle Example G90

Basic CNC Canned Cycle Example Program for Newbie CNC Machinists

A basic cnc programming exercise for newbie cnc machinists / newbie cnc programmers who have just to start their professional career.

This cnc program example shows the use of G90 rough turning cycle in a very extensive way.

Newbie cnc machinists must learn such cnc programming techniques and then master them.

Basic CNC Program

A program example for Fanuc cnc control.

This cnc program uses

Two tools are used to complete machining of component.

First tool makes roughing cuts with G90 rough turning cycle.

Second tool makes the finish cut.

Basic CNC Canned Cycle Example Program Code

Basic CNC Canned Cycle Program

Basic CNC Canned Cycle Program

N10 G40 G00
N20 G99
N30 M5
N40 M9
N50 G54
N60 T0101
N70 G50 S3500
N80 G96 S0240 M4
N90 G00 X102. Z0.1
N100 G01 X-2. F0.15 M7
N110 G00 X101. Z2.
N115 G90 X90.0 Z-58.8 F0.3
N120 X80.0
N125 X73.0
N126 G00 X73
N127 G90 X63 Z-34.8 F0.3
N128 X55.
N130 X49.
N140 G00 X49.
N150 G90 X39. Z-14.8 F0.3
N160 X31.
N170 X25.
N430 G00 X150. Z100.
N440 T0202
N450 G50 S4500
N460 G96 S0380 M4
N470 G00 X-1.6 Z2.
N480 G42 G01 Z0. F0.1
N490 G01 X24.
N500 G01 Z-15.
N510 G01 X48.
N520 G01 Z-35.
N530 G01 X72.
N540 G01 Z-59.
N550 G01 X102.
N560 G40
N570 G00 X150. Z100.
N580 M5
N590 M9
N600 M30