ECS G84 Tapping Cycle

ECS G84 Tapping

This cycle is used to tap when the Milling Machine spindle is not equipped with of a position transducer. In this case it is suggested also to use a tap with a mechanical compensator . It is also necessary to verify that:

Programmed Feed [mm/min] = Programmed Speed [rpm] * Tap Pitch [mm]

Note: The return movement between ENT and RAP is done at working feed reversing the spindle sense of rotation.

The cycle Data Entry is activated, in MDI and Edit modes, through this keys sequence:

ECS G84 Tapping - keys sequence


G84 <ENT=..> <RAP=..> <RAL=..>


ENTDepth quote reached at working feed
RAPQuote reached in rapid at the beginning of cycle
RALReturn Quote reached at rapid

ECS G84 Tapping