4-axis CNC Drill Sharpener And Grinder

Go and sharpen the drill, Sorry I can’t. This is a conversation which we almost hear everyday in machine workshops, no doubt grinding or sharpening a drill is not an easy job (if you are doing it manually).Here is the introduction of a cnc drill sharpener, but the amazing news is this that now a newbie in your machine workshop can sharpen the drills.

What is 4-axis CNC Drill Sharpener?

It is a bench-top 4-axis cnc drill sharpener and grinder, which uses 3 independent electronic sensors that automatically detect drill length and diameter, locate cutting edge, and calculate web thickness.

XPS16 4-axis CNC Drill Grinder And Sharpener

XPS16 4-axis CNC Drill Grinder And Sharpener

Able to sharpen 400+ drills in one day, XPS-16 Heavy-duty unit also hones carbide drill edges as part of automatic process.

Touchscreen LCD panel

Equipped with touchscreen LCD panel, machine allows creation and storage of user-specific drill sharpening programs along with pre-installed ones. Bench-top sharpener processes diverse drill types with angles from 90° to 150°.

How to Sharpen Drill with 4-axis CNC Drill Sharpener and Grinder?

In operation, a

  1. Blunt drill is inserted into the mains-powered sharpener’s chuck.
  2. Required standard or custom type of drill point is selected using a simple LCD touch screen panel.
  3. On initiation of the sharpening cycle, three independent electronic sensors automatically detect the drill’s length and diameter, precisely locate the cutting edge and calculate the web thickness.
  4. The unit then sharpens the drill and applies the required split point form in one seamless operation, without operator involvement.

Source: darex.com