Sinumerik Alarm 26105 Drive of axis %1 not found

Sinumerik Alarm 26105 Drive of axis %1 not found

%1 = Axis name, spindle number

The drive configured for the specified axis could not be found. For example, a Profibus slave was configured on the NC but is not contained in SDB1000.

– Mode group not ready.
– Channel not ready.
– NC Start disable in this channel.
– NC Stop on alarm.
– The NC switches to follow-up mode.
– Alarm display.
– Interface signals are set.

Possible causes:
• $MA_CTRLOUT_TYPE not equal to 0 as a result of an oversight; the drive should actually be simulated (= 0).
• $MA_CTRLOUT_MODULE_NR entered incorrectly, i.e. the logical drive numbers were exchanged and an invalid value is stored for this drive in $MN_DRIVE_LOGIC_ADDRESS (see 3.) or a drive number which does not exist on the bus was entered (check the number for slaves, for example).
• $MN_DRIVE_LOGIC_ADDRESS contains values which were not configured on the Profibus (i.e. the values are not in SDB1000) or different addresses were selected for the input and output slots of the drive in the Profibus configuration.

Program Continuation:
Switch control OFF – ON.


  1. Siemens Diagnostics Guide by Siemens
Sinumerik Alarm 26105 Drive of axis %1 not found