Haas Alarm 952 APC-MISLOCATED LIFT FRAME – Haas Mill


Haas Alarm Description:
Pallet changer lift frame is not in expected position. The lift frame was either down when expected to be up, or up when expected to be down. For example, the lift frame must be up while rotating, and down when a pallet change starts, before clamping the pallet, before the A-axis or Z-axis can be jogged, or before starting a program with Cycle Start. If pallet began to lower during rotation, check lift mechanism for proper operation. If this alarm occurred at start of pallet change or when clamping the pallet, check for foreign objects or misalignment, preventing frame from lowering all the way. Verify there is an adequate supply of air pressure and air volume. After correcting the cause, press Tool Changer Restore to enter pallet changer recovery, recover the pallet changer, and then continue operation.


  1. Haas Alarms PDF by Haas Automation, Inc.
Haas Alarm 952 APC-MISLOCATED LIFT FRAME – Haas Mill